CityView360° is a web-based solution for Cities that helps streamline processes, improve efficiency and public transparency. In only a few weeks, Cities connect various systems and departments to make better decisions.


CIP Reporting

Summary of all projects in 1 location
Create projects using existing data
Write narratives, attach images
GIS capabilities

Project Tracking

Manage and track projects
Assign tasks and monitor performance
Track projects by department
Collaborate with multiple departments


Transform any data into dashboards
Analyze data using charts and graphs
Track productivity, efficiency and errors
Customizable and configurable reports


Automating permit processing
Create, submit, process and manage permits
Online portal to manage community requests
GIS and analytical tools to manage permits

Plan Check & Review

Online portal to upload plans, review and approve
Assign inspector, work type and track jobs
Submission and versioning
Supports multiple jurisdictions


Log, track, and file inspections
Log citations and/or violations
Tack time spent on each job
Attach multiple photos

Departments We Serve


CityView360° provides Cities & Counties with visual insights into their own data to drive operational efficiency, improve employee productivity, and increase overall transparency.

Integration within days.
Fully customizable and configurable.

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Implementing your data in any form to provide a suite of solutions

How It Works :

  • We collect your Raw Data
  • We integrate your data sources
  • We create your customized CityView360° Module


  • Streamlines the CIP reporting process

  • Drives Operational Efficiency

  • Increases Departmental Transparency

  • Automates Manual Tasks

  • Saves Staff Time & Reduces Costs

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